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Leverage your full potential

A nationwide digital publisher, Main Getaway connects our advertising clients to our vast array of subscribers associated with a diverse set of hobbies and recreational activities. Every one of our subscribers has a unique hobby or recreational interest including but not limited to travel, health and fitness, fashion and shopping, and even cooking. Our brands will bring you millions of active Americans segmented by their interests and hobbies to develop them into your next new customer!

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Reach your audience where it really matters

Main Getaway has extensive knowledge and background of our audience and we offer them exclusive and targeted information and ads mapped to their interests. Covering a wide range of industries from travel & Leisure, Fitness & Exercise and Beauty & Fashion, our Getaway Brands consolidate consumer groups with common interests and hobbies.

Main Getaway not only offers a multi-market visibility platform for advertisers, it also provides deep knowledge and crossover opportunities.

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